Rio de Janeiro
Rowing and pararowing training center

The Rio de Janeiro State Rowing Federation (FRERJ) has today a privileged space at Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, stage of the rowing and pararowing competitions of Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This space was the legacy of these competitions and has 2600 square meters divided into external and internal áreas. FRERJ is a reference entily for Rowing in the state of Rio de Janeiro and is the one that stands out most at the national level. Our affiliated clubs has obtained impressive results throughout its history as in the last Brazilian Rowing Championships where the Clubs from Rio won 19 out of a total of 20 events.

This Olympic legacy for rowing is presented in the form of infrastructure of seven  boat houses, catamarans, albano system, boat floating ramps, finish tower, starting pontoon and a indoor fisic space with administration room, weight room, tests and phisical avaluation room, 3 medicine offices, dental office, auditorium room and these spaces are totaly adequate for training and avaluating athletes and teams and for promoting graduation and specialization couses for coachs and professionals of sports areas. We understand that FRERJ has a unique opportunity to construct a rowing management model that will impact not only rowers and rowing professionals of our state but of Brazil and Latin América too, becoming a reference rowing center for these areas.


Our proposal presents strands in the directions of  rowing technology, training and specialization of coaches and technical professionals, talent identification and training of high level athletes, among others. Therefore we already  have partnerships with universities, educational and research institutions and health institutions. The Fluminense Federal University (UFF) though its Experimental and Applied Exercise Phisiology Laboratory already carries out diverse research projects applied to rowing and places itself as a partner, providing its phisical structure, equipments and professionals in the various áreas such as exercise phisiology, nutrition, biomechanical, phisioterapy, among others.