Business Rowing

The high level sport is too much similar with the management of a company because in essence both are always in search of results and to reach them it is essential to have a good management of the "team" involved and one of the main challenges both in sports and in business is the management of people, the ability to converge different personalities, opinions, behaviors and goals. One of the most used expressions in the corporate environment is "TeamWork"  and it is more than proven that the success of an organization in business or in sports depends on this capacity of cohesion, to create a collective effort delineating the achievement of goals and shared objectives.

Within the sport there is nothing that personifies teamwork more than rowing, in an eight rowing boat this interdependence is extreme and the results are never achieved only by one person, it is necessary to share with others to reach the final goal. Seeking to develop your team skills is to stand out and make room for leadership. Companies value professionals capable of managing and motivating employees, always seeking the development of the team and the best results. The best quality of a leader is to always get the best out of his bosses.

Our proposal consists of a practical theoretical group work through the rowing modality where we will approach fundamental teamwork skills such as conflict management, communication, proactivity, innovation, trust, leadership, participative management, among others.

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