Costal Rowing

The coastal rowing is considered the radical version, the adventurous side of Olympic rowing, usually practiced in coastal regions and in the open sea with conditions of many waves where special boats are used to face these adverse conditions. According to the International Federation of Rowing Societies (FISA), it is the fastest growing rowing type and is practiced in all corners of the world as in Maldivia for example, being very popular in Italy, France, Peru, Spain, England. Rowing in waters that are not calm means that costal rowing is a bit different from  Olympic rowing which is practiced in calm waters. Learning costal rowing is easier due mainly to the greater robustness and stability of costal boats compared to Olympic boats. But it is important to point out that knowing how to row a coastal boat is not enough to become a good coastal rower, it is necessary to know the tides and currents, to learn about the local topography and to know about maritime traffic and what to do in case of Adverse climates.